I see every case in my courtroom as a chance to hear people’s stories. I view it as an opportunity to help people clear up their legal issues, protect victims, and connect people to community resources. We have to treat the underlying issues bringing people within the criminal justice in the first place—whether that’s substance abuse, untreated mental health issues, poverty, or other issues.


I want to improve Travis County residents’ trust in the court system, especially in communities of color. As an African American woman, I believe we need judges who understand what leads to marginalized people being over-represented in the criminal justice system. Travis County residents of all races and backgrounds need to be able to trust our courts.


It takes a strong commitment to justice to seek out positive resolutions whenever possible.  With my years of experience in family law, as a defense attorney representing the mentally ill, a former Drug Court Defense Attorney, and as an Associate Judge at the Austin Municipal Court, I will be ready to serve Travis County on day one as the Judge in County Court at Law #5.

Read more about Tanisa Jeffers' vision for Court #5 here.



Tanisa is seeking a seat at the table as we reimagine the criminal justice system. She will be the first African American Travis County judge in 20 years handling criminal misdemeanors. This is important because despite making up only 7% of the population in Travis County, African Americans disproportionately account for 33% of all misdemeanors filed here.

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